The echo contrib application is a collection of two simple handlers that can assist you in remotely debugging your RapidSMS project.


To use either of EchoHandler or PingHandler, you must add "rapidsms.contrib.handlers" to INSTALLED_APPS in your settings file:


Then add the handler classes you want to use to RAPIDSMS_HANDLERS:

    "rapidsms.contrib.echo.handlers.echo.EchoHandler",  # if you want EchoHandler
    "rapidsms.contrib.echo.handlers.ping.PingHandler",  # if you want PingHandler

See the handlers docs for more information about how handlers are loaded and called.



EchoHandler is an extension of KeywordHandler which handles any message prefixed by “echo” by responding with the remainder of the text. This handler is useful for remotely testing internationalization.

For example:

> echo
< To echo some text, send: ECHO <ANYTHING>
> echo hello
< hello


PingHandler is an extension of BaseHandler. It handles messages with the (precise) text “ping” by responding with “pong”. Unlike many handlers, this one is case-sensitive and does not allow extra whitespace. This handler is useful for remotely checking that the router is alive.

For example:

> ping
< pong