RapidSMS Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the creation of a simple RapidSMS application.

RapidSMS builds on the Django web development framework. We assume that you are familiar with Django, at least the material in the Django tutorial. If you haven’t worked through that before, please start there, then come back here when you feel comfortable with the concepts there.


  • RapidSMS Tutorial Part 1: Start a new RapidSMS project. Set up message tester. Write a minimal app that responds to a message. Put it through its paces.
  • RapidSMS Tutorial Part 2: Configure the default app with a custom response. Demonstrate keyword and pattern handlers.
  • RapidSMS Tutorial Part 3: Make a RapidSMS app that uses Django to store and update data.
  • RapidSMS Tutorial Part 4: It’s probably time to actually send and receive messages to telephones. Tropo has free development accounts and there’s a Tropo backend at https://github.com/caktus/rapidsms-tropo. Walk through adding that to the project. Set up a Tropo development account. Demo the test app from step 2, this time using real messages.

Start with RapidSMS Tutorial Part 1.