RapidSMS 0.14.0 release notes

Welcome to RapidSMS 0.14.0! These release notes cover the new features in 0.14.0 as well as some Backwards-incompatible changes in RapidSMS 0.14.0 you’ll want to be aware of when upgrading from RapidSMS 0.13.0.

What’s New

  • New section in the documentation providing advice on Provisioning Servers & Deploying Your Project.
  • Added navigation links (next, previous, tables of contents) to the documentation and improved the organization a bit.
  • Documented the bundled version of Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Updated Vumi docs to point to develop branch now that the RapidSMS changes have landed.

Backwards-incompatible changes in RapidSMS 0.14.0

  • All views built-in to RapidSMS, including contrib apps, now require login.
  • Removed bin/rapidsms-admin.py. It relied on the RapidSMS startproject management command which had already been removed. For the recommended way to start a new RapidSMS project, see Installing the RapidSMS project template.