RapidSMS 0.18.0 release notes

Welcome to RapidSMS 0.18.0! These release notes cover the new features in 0.18.0 as well as some Backwards-incompatible changes in RapidSMS 0.18.0 you’ll want to be aware of when upgrading from RapidSMS 0.17.0.

What’s New

  • Multiple small documentation fixes [Thanks @jthurner!]
  • Minor fix to tutorial
  • Remove uses of the deprecated msg.connection attribute
  • Allow editing of messages in Messagelog admin.
  • Change BooleanField default to False [Thanks @shanx!]
  • Full Flake8 compliance
  • Django 1.7 support [Thanks to multiple contributors who provided PRs including @dpoirier, @johanneswilm, @thedrow, and others.]
  • Special thanks to Caktus Group for allowing and encouraging @vkurup to work on the Django 1.7 support during their quarterly ShipIt days!
  • Added Coveralls support.

Backwards-incompatible changes in RapidSMS 0.18.0

  • Since Django 1.7 has it’s own migration framework, South is now deprecated. If you are still using Django < 1.7, you will need to upgrade South to version > 1.0, otherwise it will get confused by migration files which are meant for Django 1.7, not for South. (The migrations directories now contain Django 1.7 migrations. South migrations have been moved to a south_migrations directory, but older versions of South will not look in that directory.)