RapidSMS Documentation

Release: v2.1.0. (Installation, Release Notes)

Getting Started


The development process

Provisioning & Deploying Your Project

The RapidSMS open-source project

RapidSMS contrib applications

  • default - Sends a pre-defined default response to messages that are not handled by any other application.
  • echo - A collection of two simple handlers that can assist you in remote debugging.
  • handlers - Extensible classes that help you create RapidSMS applications quickly.
  • httptester - Helps you test your project by sending fake messages to RapidSMS to see how it responds.
  • messagelog - Maintains a record of all messages sent and received by RapidSMS.
  • messaging - Provides a web interface through which you can send messages to Contacts.
  • registration - Provides a web interface for creating, updating, and deleting RapidSMS contacts.

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